Individual Therapy

Children and Adolescents:
In my work with children and adolescents, I adopt a collaborative approach with families, schools, and individuals to enhance the therapeutic process of the child. I am a strong believer in understanding the system in which a child resides to make a well-informed treatment plan. I strive to create a fun, hopeful, and safe environment for each client, while highlighting each individual’s strengths.

I utilize a relational approach and greatly value the therapeutic space. I take into consideration social factors that affect each person and examine the power struggles that impact them as a result of these factors. I also incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy to help build skills and manage stressors.

Family Therapy and Parenting Support

I also provide family therapy and parenting support. I understand each family through a systemic lens, honing in on relationship patterns and the complex interactions in each family unit. I examine interdependence in family units and help each individual differentiate themselves from their system.

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My office is located at 1010 Jorie Blvd, Suite 246, Oak Brook, IL 60523